Fort Larned Old Guard Membership

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Membership is open to anyone interested in Fort Larned and the history of Indian-White relations on the Great Plains and includes:

  • A subscription to the FLOG quarterly, Outpost.
  • The opportunity to join and participate in activities provided by FLOG and Fort Larned National Historic Site, including the annual FLOG “Mess and Muster”.
  • Financial support for many projects that assist Fort Larned National Historic Site. Previous projects include purchase and restoration of a historic Rucker Army Ambulance, purchase of a sword and a revolver that belonged to officers who served at Fort Larned, and purchase and preservation of the village site of the Cheyenne Dog Solder and Oglala Lakota that was captured and burned by Gen. W. S. Hancock in 1867, creating a war where none existed.


  • All annual memberships are for the calendar year and expire on December 31.
  • Memberships not renewed by April 1 are dropped from the membership rolls.
  • A dropped membership may be reinstated without penalty by paying dues for the current year.
  • Lifetime memberships that are paid across two years will receive an email reminder for the second payment.